Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation Assets | Foundation Assets The Foundation is economically independent and thus able to make autonomous decisions. Besides financing active business and operations, Foundation assets are mainly used to pursue two aims: On the one hand, continuous promotion of projects relevant to the Foundation has to be guaranteed, on the other hand …

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Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation Promotion | Promotion Indicating directions in a situation of limited resources yet increasing demand and giving effective long-term impulses to the guitaristic development: this can only be achieved by well directed selection and concentration of the promoted projects. That´s why the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation pursues a principle of focusing on …

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Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation Constitution § 1 Name, Legal form, Registered Office, Financial Year The Foundation carries the name Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation. It is a public foundation having legal capacity by civil law. The registered office is in Munich, Germany. The financial year is the calendar year. § 2 Mission of the Foundation The …

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Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation The European Cultural Foundation The Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation utilizes its capabilities to bring forward new ideas to the international guitaristic movement. New developments are to be stimulated and innovative ways for the professional education of the rising guitaristic generation are to be developed. The Foundation helps to set up capacities …

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