Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation

Assets | Foundation Assets

The Foundation is economically independent and thus able to make autonomous decisions. Besides financing active business and operations, Foundation assets are mainly used to pursue two aims: On the one hand, continuous promotion of projects relevant to the Foundation has to be guaranteed, on the other hand Foundation assets must be maintained at their actual value.

As the existence of the Foundation aims at perpetuity, it is a matter of principle that the promotion of projects does not access the Foundation basic capital. Only regular income from investments will be used for the financial support of projects.

Foundation assets have to be protected against risks, such as self-depreciation owing to the influence of inflation. Therefore, within the scope of the legal guidelines, reserves are accumulated from parts of the annual revenue. But that would not be sufficient.

Necessary investments are based on both bonds and so-called intrinsic values such as shares. Those additionally contribute to preserving the legal estate by their continuous enhancements. The broader the different risks and with them the chances are spread by choosing the investments, the more overall success is ensured. Thus, the Foundation exploits the effect of risk diversification.

This portfolio strategy guarantees successful, both proceeds-oriented and risk-reducing investment, according to the constitutional request. From the outset, the Foundation has installed an investment advisory board consulting the Foundation in terms of developing investment strategies and in terms of evaluating the results from investments.

Assets | Donations

It is possible to do long-lasting good things. Sustainable things that will endure and be effective way beyond today.

Make use of the possibility to make a donation! Become a benefactor and -along with us- get involved with promotion and care of science and culture in the range of guitar and lute music, with education and with promoting the rising guitaristic generation.

We pay special attention to the rising guitaristic generation and to the collaboration of people engaged in the cultural sector and scientists beyond their professional and national borders.

  • In the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation you´ll find artists and integrated personalities with considerable know-how, international experience and publicity, who are able to break open crusted structures in a non-dogmatic and unconventional way.
  • As a benefactor you entrust your money to an organisation, where experienced employees act with a lot of care and expert knowledge.
  • A smoothly operating management guarantees that your donations exclusively support the purpose you defined.
  • You invest in forward-looking cultural and educational projects and thus in common welfare – on a national as well as on an international scale.
  • You get involved with an affair of high authenticity and your initiative achieves a sustaining effect – thus benefiting future generations as well.

When you decide about a potential donation, you´ll ask about many things:

  • To what extent can I have influence on the usage of my donation? It´s you who defines the usage of your donation.
  • You want your commitment to be permanently visible by name? Your donation can be provided with a personal or individual denotation. For instance, your contribution might be called the „John Smith Stock of the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation“. Furthermore, being a benefactor, you´ll be among the official circle of friends of the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation.

Assets | Tax Advantages

Donations to foundations pursuing scientific, cultural, charitable or other worthy, non-commercial aims may be set off against tax liability in many countries worldwide.

Please refer to your local tax consultant to find out about the tax laws and the possibilities of tax advantages in your country.

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