Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation

The European Cultural Foundation

The Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation utilizes its capabilities to bring forward new ideas to the international guitaristic movement. New developments are to be stimulated and innovative ways for the professional education of the rising guitaristic generation are to be developed.

The Foundation helps to set up capacities for research and education, and establishing the presentation of historic fundamentals regarding the development of music and the manufacturing of instruments in the context of up-to-date music culture. The Foundation is interested in picking up topics and domains that have not been taken into account in a sufficient way by state-run or other promotional institutions.

The Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation especially nurtures, in a non-dogmatic way, the development of guitar playing, musicians, educating the rising generation and advanced training of professional guitarists in an international context.

Foundation | Mission and Profile

Hermann Hauser Guitar FoundationAccording to its constitution, the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation promotes science and culture in the range of guitar and lute music, concentrating on topics and initiatives developed by the Foundation itself. Thus, the Foundation both calls attention to recent areas and contents of development, and initiates considerable improvement as to cultural and international cooperation.

The Foundation is amenable to cross-cultural projects and even supports individual projects beyond the offers of the Foundation. While the concept of promotion constitutes a firm framework, tangible promotion will be subject to permanent change. Once a promotion has served its initial purpose, it will be put to an end, thus providing space for new ideas and promotions.

As the Foundation will not pick up ceased projects of promotion again, continuous change is guaranteed – especially in terms of contents.

Foundation | HHGF Short Story

Hermann Hauser and Klaus Wolfgang Wildner

The Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation owes its name to the Bavarian instrument manufacturers with a fine tradition – the Hauser family. The Foundation was established by the luthier Hermann Hauser III and the Munich guitarist and entrepreneur Klaus Wolfgang Wildner. Hermann Hauser and Klaus Wolfgang Wildner are united by the symbiosis of a deep understanding for musical instruments and musicality.

The reason for establishing this Foundation derives from the wish for a better promotion of the rising guitaristic generation as well as of cross-cultural, interdisciplinary cooperation of artists and scientists around the world.

The Foundation was established to be a non-profit foundation having legal capacity by civil law in 2004. Announcing the Foundation caused appreciation and enthusiasm among instrument manufacturers, artists and scientists worldwide.

History of the instrument manufacturing Hauser family

Foundation | Constitution

The Foundation carries the name Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation. It is a public foundation having legal capacity by civil law. The registered office is in Munich, Germany.

Foundation | Board of Directors

Augustin Wiedemann, Julia Wildner

The management of the Foundation is in the field of responsibility of the Board of Directors, which is authorized by the foundation board. Mrs. Julia Wildner and Mr. Augustin Wiedemann manage the office of the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation.

Augustin Wiedemann

Guitarist and university teacher

Julia Wildner

Economic psychologist

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