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Promotion | Promotion

Indicating directions in a situation of limited resources yet increasing demand and giving effective long-term impulses to the guitaristic development: this can only be achieved by well directed selection and concentration of the promoted projects. That´s why the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation pursues a principle of focusing on specific projects, which are able to notably satisfy the purpose of the Foundation. However, the Foundation is open-minded to extraordinary suggestions and thus willing to support individual projects as well.

On the one hand, the Foundation wants to give support to scientists and people engaged in the cultural sector to take up new approaches and to develop and prove theories, methods and new connections between musical disciplines and styles. On the other hand, the Foundation´s commitment aims at generally improving the basic conditions of practicing music, of education and of communication within the guitaristic community worldwide and with the public.

The Foundation wants to enable a discourse on new musical directions, to optimize chances for the rising guitaristic generation, and to promote forms of cross national collaboration.

Promotion | Range of Promotion

The range of promotion of the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation concentrates on the domains of music culture, music science, research on instruments and promotion of young talents.

Promotion focuses on topical and social challenges in the fields of instructing, practicing and distributing music as well as on cross cultural and interdisciplinary initiatives and on personal promotion. For current projects published by the Foundation, application forms can be requested on this web site.

Requirements for the approval of grants are to be found in the bulletins for applicants.

  1. Topical Challenges
  2. Social Challenges
  3. Cross Cultural and Interdisciplinary Initiatives
  4. Structural and Personal Promotion

Promotion | Application

The Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation will only process applications that are in line with its current projects which are published on this website. Applications can be addressed to the office in writing at any time. They do not have to correspond to a specific form. However, applications should be written in a way so that both the curatorship and the possible consultants installed by the curatorship get a comprehensible and conceivable image of all planned activities.

As to the examination of applications, data confidentiality is guaranteed.

Applicants will find details about the requirements and about the respective purpose of each project in the „bulletins for applicants“, which are available for each project of promotion. If you have any further or specific questions, we will be at your command.

As a rule, the foundation board will decide on applications in meetings twice a year, additionally there will be a written procedure between meetings. Projects ranging within a certain limit and not raising cardinal questions will be decided on by the Board of Directors.

In the case of approval, the grant will be yielded for use on your own responsibility. Apart from receipts specifying the usage of the grant, the basic principles of approval include that the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation expects topical reports revealing how the project evolves. Furthermore, the Foundation attaches importance to the fact, that recipients of grants make the results of their project available to the public. Doing so you can refer to the assistance by the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation. Basically, constructive collaboration with the press office is required.

Promotion | Young Talents

In offering projects of promotion in support of the rising guitaristic generation, the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation wants to provide an opportunity to young, gifted talents, so they can cut their own path and receive a very good training.

As the tools and possibilities of promotion in support of the rising guitaristic generation may vary individually as the case arises, interested parties should catch up on the conditions in question and have a personal call.

The Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation does not offer general grants to student or graduates in the form of individual grants. In the case of approval of a grant, based on the conditions mentioned above, the constitution will be applied, regulating that any kind of financial support to young talents implies indigence according to § 53 Nr. 2 AO.

Young talents please contact info@guitarfoundation.de

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